“The Wedding Story” by Julianne Homokay


“The Wedding Story” by Julianne Homokay is about a storyteller trying to tell a fairytale of a married couple. The story-teller is trying to tell a happy story in which the children will enjoy, and want to grow up and do someday. Unfortunately, the bride Shanya and groom Brad do not seen to like the story being told. The bride and groom constantly interrupt the storyteller.

The most interesting aspect of the story from my perspective is the tone the author uses. The story is humorous as the married couple argue back and forth. It is funny how the bride and groom interrupt the storyteller, for they think he is actually telling their real story. In reality, he is just trying to make up a sweet fairy tale for the children to enjoy. The storyteller is just trying to use some examples from their wedding story. Stupidly, the couple seems to be unaware of the storytellers interpretation. The story tellers tone is eager to tell his fairytale. He is eager, but not forcing. On the other hand, the bride is constantly interrupting. She has a bit of a stuck up goody attitude. Then, the groom also, keeps interrupting. The groom Brad seem to have a little arrogance to him, and his wife believes he may be gay. Since the bride and groom constantly interrupt the storyteller; he finally is able to tell a story . He did not  tell a fairytale, but a harsh realistic and sarcastic one. This little description of these characters help express the tone of the story ass it is humorous.


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